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Jimmy doesn’t buy Green Bananas – by Mike Sales

(whistle intro)

Jimmy doesn’t buy green bananas,
cause he says he doesn’t know if he’ll be ‘round that long.
When I heard that I remember thinking
That he seemed like the type who’d go on and on
But Jimmy doesn’t buy those brown ones either
Cause he doesn’t see sense in eatin yesterday
He likes to say, that the ripe ones are sweeter
Cause where Jimmy is, is where he likes to play.

Oh Jimmy, if you see Jimmy, Tell him I said hey
Jimmy, if you see Jimmy, just tell him I said hi.

(whistle turn-around)

Jimmy doesn’t hoard bananas if you’re looking hungry around his place.
He’ll be quick to share because, for Jimmy generosity’s the only way.
Well it wasn’t long ago that he was hungry
So I asked why he gives all those bananas away, he couldn’t wait to say
That fortune’s a blessing that be rotting tomorrow so share it today.


(whistle turn-around)

Tell him I said hi